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Hits & Misses

Vail Daily Editorial BoardVail CO, Colorado

Send your hit or miss to Opinion Editor Tamara Miller at tmiller@vaildaily.com.Hit: To the Battle Mountain Culinary Teams National Championship Title. After a second straight State Championship Title in which they competed against 26 other teams from around the state they went to Charlotte, N.C. to compete and beat 34 teams from around the country.Miss: To the Eagle County Sheriffs Office, for failing to make arrests in a door-to-door magazine selling scam. The Avon Police saw fit to arrest two women, who lied when the told local residents they were raising money for a soccer camp. In actuality, they were raising money for themselves. How is that not a crime? Hit: To the Vail Town Council, for extending the cutoff time for amplified noise in Vail Village. The extension will allow bands and performers in Village nightclubs to entertain until 11 p.m. with bar owners having to worry about a ticket. Vail Village is the center of Vails nightlife, after all. Miss: To those skyrocketing gas prices, which are expect to reach $4 a gallon in Vail by the end of this month. Prices like that are downright painful when you consider so many of us commute 15 to 30 miles a day to work. Protesting the price with gas boycotts arent likely to do much, though. Anyone want to carpool?

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