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Hits &Misses: Boo to fuel prices

Vail Daily Editorial Board

Hit: To Beaver Creeks Blues, Brews and BBQ festival, a fun and tasty way to spend Memorial Day weekend. The annual event gives tourists a reason to come here during the mud season aside from the two-for-one special at local restaurants, of course. Miss: To the combination of market forces and speculation thats sent the price of gasoline past $4 per gallon. We keep hearing the oil market is the biggest bubble to hit the financial markets in a long time. If so, that sucker cant pop soon enough.Hit: To the fact we dont live in England, where a gallon of dino-juice is now around $10 per gallon. Good thing England is a geographically small place, but still… Ouch!Hit/Miss: To the cooler weather and snow showers we got Thursday. Sure, cooler temps will help slow the snowmelt, but after a long, snowy winter, were ready for summer!

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