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Hits & Misses: Gypsum gets thumbs up

Vail Daily Editorial BoardVail CO, Colorado

Hit: To the town of Gypsum for pursuing unconventional affordable housing guidelines that would allow homeowners to benefit from the countys skyrocketing home values. The town wants to encourage building to build home that can only be sold to full-time Eagle County residents. But unlike affordable housing programs in other towns, Gypsum doesnt want to use appreciation caps to keep those homes affordable. Instead, the town believes the homes will stay affordable by letting only county residents who earn 65 percent of their income here purchase units. We hope the experiment works.Miss: To folks who apparently continue to believe four-wheel-drive is a cure-all for icy and snowpacked roads. Those taking the Monday-morning commute between Gypsum and Avon saw four vehicles off I- 70, two four-wheel-drive pickups, a four-wheel-drive sport utility vehicle and a rear-wheel-drive sedan. Remember, four-wheel-skid is easy to come by after Natures Zamboni (freezing rain followed by snow) has had its way with the roads.Hit: To the bountiful snowfall we received in December. Vail recorded 97 inches last month, making it the snowiest December since 2000. The snowfall no doubt helped Beaver Creek exceed its capacity the weekend before New Years. Lets hope the snow gods continue to smile upon us.Hit: To Eagle Scout Chris Hing who is helping hospital staffers relax during their breaks by creating a serenity station. The 18-year-old said he wanted his Eagle Scout project to be something that would help those who help others. The modified kitchen cart is stocked with a massage chair, books, DVD and CD players will be available to hospital staff by the middle of this month. Hit: To all those who responded to help stranded motorists when Vail Pass was closed last week. The Salvation Army of the Vail Valley opened four shelters, two in Vail, one in Minturn and one in Eagle, to give travelers a place to stay. The Vail Valley Medical Center gave out supplies to help accommodate the motorists and the Vail Interfaith Chapel opened its doors for overnight travelers, as well. Vail Daily Editorial Board

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