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Hits & Misses: Help Eagle County singles

Vail Editorial BoardVail, CO Colorado

To Arn Menconi and his recent article about how we should all help families. Well, there’s a lot of us single folks here too. What about us? We seem to be a whole segment of the population that everyone misses. We have homes, cars, and pay our taxes that help these families. But no one gives us a handout.-Karen Gilbert

While we arent so sure yet about the very large building proposed by Bolts Lake here in Colorado, the Ginn Company did the right thing on one of its properties in Port St. Lucie, Fla. The company set aside a valuable chunk of property for Southern bald eagle habitat and donated $150,000 for cameras and an education program. The efforts were rewarded with the birth of a pair of eagles a few weeks ago. Hopefully its a good sign that, if Ginns Battle Mountain project advances, that kind of environmental stewardship will exist here.

… for co-sponsoring the Credit Card Bill of Rights in Congress. The legislation would protect consumers from some of the unscrupulous practices of the credit-card industry, such as hiking interest rates for reasons unrelated to the credit card account and requiring advance notice of rate hikes.

… who are pulling together to raise money for a classmate who lost her mother in a tragic traffic accident near Edwards Feb. 7.

Were more than halfway through winter and too many locals are still driving off the road, mostly in their all-wheel-drive vehicles. Accidents make a mess and waste time, folks. Please drive a little smarter, which means slower when the roads ice up. The number of wheels that get power from the motor doesnt matter much when youre sliding into the median strip.

… for doing a poor job of publicizing its vote to look into buying the B&B Gravel Pit in Edwards. To the Eagle County School District and the Eagle County Sheriffs Office for not releasing more timely information to concerned parents about a school lockdown downvalley last week.

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