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Hits & Misses: Hooray for Ziggy

Compiled by Vail Daily staffVail CO, Colorado

Send your hit or miss to Opinion Editor Tamara Miller at tmiller@vaildaily.com.Hit: To the organizers of Snow Daze who brought a fun lineup of events to town this week. Ziggy Marley was a great choice as an entertainer enjoyed by a broad spectrum of music fans while Social Distortion, Ludacris and the Roots bring out the younger set. Miss: To the makers and purveyors of green glow sticks distributed at just about every event these days. At the Ziggy Marley show Thursday night, people were throwing them all over the place including at the band. Now, theyre all on their way to the landfill. What a waste. These silly things should be banned from our local events as a safety hazard as well as an environmental menace.Hit: The Ginn Development Co., which announced it would build 70 percent of its private ski and golf resort to green building standards. Regardless of what you might think of any new development in the county, if its going to be done at all, better green than not. Hit: To a proposal for a new fee on gas-guzzling vehicles to help fund the states Office of Smart Growth. If youre silly enough to buy a vehicle that gets under 20 mpg, youre making yourself a bigger part of the carbon pollution problem, and you should pay to offset it. Wed like to hear, though, that this proposal has an exemption for people who purchase such vehicles for their business and who, at this point, dont have a lot of options. Hit: To Mother Nature providing much-needed snowfall.

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