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Hits & Misses: Let’s hear it for snow

Vail Daily Editorial BoardVail CO, Colorado

Send your hit or miss to Opinion Editor Tamara Miller at tmiller@vaildaily.com.Hit: To the Town of Avon for adding another exemption for local homeowners on the real estate transfer tax. Every little bit helps when it comes to affordable housing for our local workers, and Avon just took a little bite out of the sting of real estate costs around here. Miss: To Vail Resorts, which still doesnt have a plan to create the affordable housing that was promised when the Arrabelle at Vail Square was approved in 2004. Vail Resorts has had nearly three years to come up with a plan, or pay the $17.3 million to meet the town of Vails requirements. Vail leaders must hold the ski company to its obligations before allowing Arrabelle to open. Hit: To local water officials for winning back Western Slope water rights in a settlement recently reached with the city of Denvers water authority. Since the 1960s, Denver has held rights to much of the water in the valley and planned to use it for future customers on the Front Range. The agreement will allow Denver to keep some water rights, but attorneys with the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District and the Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority were able to regain enough water to preserve the health of the Eagle River Watershed. Miss: To the dingbats who insist on yakking away on their cell phones while driving on icy and snowpacked roads. C’mon, folks; if you have a cell phone you have voice mail. Anything can wait until you arrive safely. Hit: To at least some snowfall over the last few days. Vail opened more terrain over the weekend, and, if a predicted weekend storm delivered as advertised (this was written before the heart of the most recent system moved through), we’ll have more slopes to savor soon.

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