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Hits & Misses: Let’s hear it for Vail’s Chair 10

Vail Daily Editorial BoardVail CO, Colorado

Hit: To Chair 10. The new, high-speed, four-person lift is already getting rave reviews from most skiers and snowboarders for cutting in half the typically chilly ride to some of the mountains best mogul runs. Hurray for progress!Miss: To the techno glitch that caused many Vail parking garage users to be charged numerous times for a single-day of parking in mid-December. Alas, no human can be blamed, and town employees are trying to make it right. But it sure is frustrating and disappointing to learn that the new payment system is causing more problems for customers than the system it replaced. Hit: To Dey Tuach Dey, the Sudanese refugee and cross-country runner who had surgery in Vail this week, for reminding us there are a lot worse things in life than knee surgery and winter weather.Miss: To the town of Minturn and the Ginn Co. for not making more of an effort to get full details of the proposed development and annexation available to town residents. Maybe its time for a discovery center with models and info for all to see. Hit: To all the snowplow drivers and sidewalk shovelers who are doing their best to keep up with the past few weeks barrage of snowstorms. They are working extra to make sure the roads and walkways are a little safer for us all. Miss: Again, to drivers who simply wont slow down when the weather is bad. Four-wheel drive wont do anything for you if the roads are icy.

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