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Hits & Misses: Vail leaders get both

Vail Daily EditorialVail CO, Colorado

Hit: To Pat and Marcy Donovan, and all of the Donovan family, for taking a year off from American life to travel the world. The family plans to hit several underdeveloped countries, like Ghana and Kenya, as well as New Zealand, Costa Rica and Thailand. Marcy and Pat, who is a school board member, say they want to spend the next year focusing on family and giving their kids an education of a lifetime. Miss: To the Town of Vail, for changing the Villages loading and delivery system in a way that could cost restauranteurs and other business owners time and money. Input from Village business owners from the onset could have prevented the angry outburst the town officials got earlier this month. Hit: To the Town of Vail, for scheduling a meeting this week to discuss the proposed changes to the Villages loading and delivery system. Inviting input from all who will be affected is sure to a result in a much more palatable solution for all. Miss: To Vail Town Councilor Farrow Hitt, for receiving a warning for violating a town law he helped pass by rigging his bear-proof containers open. He says the heavy lids are a safety hazard; why wasnt this considered before the law was passed? Hit: To the Vail Police for doing their job: enforcing the new bear-proof container ordinance, even it if meant ticketing a business Vail town councilman. Miss: To road-ragers and rubber-neckers who make the already frustrating trip through I-70 construction traffic even worse that it could be. Follow the signs, pay attention, let drivers who need to merge in and relax.

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