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‘Hoarse’ some serious horsepower, past tense

Mike Thomas

16 Horsepower”Hoarse”Alternative Tentacles16 Horsepower may have called it quits, but this now classic 1998 live show from Denver’s Bluebird Theater has been rereleased so folks can get an idea of just what they missed. With a massive sound drawing from genres as far apart as country and industrial or bluegrass and punk rock just for starters, this band delivers groundbreaking music with the kind of raw energy that could make anyone shaky at the knees after just one listen.This show may be eight years old, but frontman David Eugene Edwards’ voice alone could makes it timeless. Possessing the kind of edgy, scuffed beauty that brings Johnny Cash and Tom Waits to mind, Edwards is capable of evoking widespread gasps note by note. On the dynamic rendition of CCR’s classic “Bad Moon Rising,” Edwards’ tone is so gripping; listening translates into a cathartic experience in itself. “Hoarse” rides like an emotional rollercoaster – from downtrodden to triumphant – without hitting any bumps along the way. 16HP has carved out a niche all for itself, even if the band has fallen victim to the ever-vicious breakup syndrome. V/A”The Best of Taste of Chaos”WarconA double-disc set featuring 36 tracks from 36 different metal, punk, screamo and other assorted post-hardcore outfits, “The Best of Taste of Chaos” features mostly previously released material from 2004 and 2005. The album’s sole purpose seems to be to promote this winter’s “Taste of Chaos” tour, headlined by Deftones, Thrice, Thursday, Attreyu and a slew of others. With almost no new music at all, with exception to new bands Adair and The Smashup (both on Warcon), this compilation reads like a previously released marketing scheme, offering nothing that most fans of any of these bands or genres haven’t already heard. No doubt, this compilation is further proof this scene has exploded and is knocking on mainstream’s doorstep, but really has nothing new to offer except for exposing these bands. Filled with plenty of good tracks from diverse bands, “The Best of Taste Of Chaos” would serve as a good sampler of what’s out there, but for fans in the know, listening to this will feel too much like eating the cold pizza that was so good when it was fresh two nights ago. Honkytonk Homeslice”Live ’05″Self-releasedString Cheese Incident fans may already be well aware of guitarist Bill Nershi and wife Jilian’s folksy, acoustic duo, but “Live ’05” is their first album, capturing the stripped-down, throwback sound they have taken from intimate settings to the listening public. Recapturing a lost art of sorts, Honkeytonk Homeslice play the kind of music found generations ago before amps and pedals even existed.While the Nershis are the band, a revolving cast to help support their efforts is integral to their simple mission. Scott Law can be found throughout the recording, playing mandolin and guitar, proving that addition only helps lift this music up and doesn’t subtract from Honkeytonk Homeslice’s very personal sound. The down-home, organic feel of “Live ’05” traverses back to the time of country before Nashville made it huge and bluegrass before it was even a genre.Mike Thomas is a freelance writer based in the Vail Valley.Vail, Colorado

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