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Hoax alert!

To the most beautiful princess. You are loved so much. Have a happy fourth birthday, Araya Renner. Love, the whole family.

One of the Titans of Town Talk got an e-mail yesterday about a big-money opportunity from none other than Mr. Big Money himself, Bill Gates.Not to go into the whole thing, but the e-mails start about like this:

“This took two pages of the Tuesday USA Today – it is for real” Subject: “Pleeeeeease read!!!! It was on ‘Good Morning America'”

The body of the e-mail then goes on to state that Microsoft is involved in some sort of promotional deal in which participants can get absurd amounts of money just for e-mailing everyone they know.Intrigued, we checked several Internet “true or false” sites and found: It’s a hoax.

There’s no way to “track” e-mail messages in the way this message describes, and, of course, paying someone just to e-mail friends, is, well, silly.So the next time you get a message like this, delete it, and maybe send a return message that it’s a hoax. Of course, if you mention you read it in the Vail Daily, you’ll be eligible for fabulous prizes such as … uh, well, there are no fabulous prizes. But hey, information is power. That’s gotta be worth something.

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