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Hollow talk guides the day

Don Rogers

“Guidelines can have as much impact as regulations.”

“We can tailor-fit affordable housing for each development.”

Passing a few “guidelines” for developers to build “affordable” housing along with profitable housing instead of simple rules with at least some teeth, the county commissioners then set themselves to the serious business of patting themselves on the back furiously last week.

Who do these guys think they are fooling?

Guidelines? Tailor-fit? Oh, please. More like willy-nilly will continue to carry the day.

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Have regulations or don’t. But don’t waste time coming up with coulds and shoulds, which amount to nothing, really. That’s closer to ducking the issue than achieving anything of consequence.

Big cleanup

Want to accomplish something real for your community? Join the annual Community Pride Highway Cleanup coming up Saturday.

The cleanup has grown and grown over these past few years, with participants edging up toward 1,000. Not bad for what began as a fairly impromptu trash pickup in 1997.

The morning’s work has broadened from I-70 to Highway 6, Highway 131, parking areas and even a bike path or two.The volunteers will pick up, oh, about 35,000 pounds of trash on 115 miles of highway in the county.

The payoff is the cleanest stretch of freeway and highways just about anywhere. And the best part, of course, comes after the job is done. At 2 p.m. there will be a post-cleanup party at the Lazy J Ranch in Wolcott.

For more information or to sign up, call 827-5406 or e-mail walker@eagleriverwatershedcouncil.org.


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