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Hollywood knowledge comes to Breckenridge Film Festival

Leslie Brefeld
Special to the Daily

“How come everybody isn’t totally aware of this?” is the question new Breckenridge Film Festival board members Lawrence David Foldes and Victoria Paige Meyerink are asking.The two Los Angeles-based film industry folks – Foldes, a director, and Meyerink, a producer – will head up the new educational component of the Breckenridge Film Festival. And they think the entire festival deserves a lot more attention.They cite the 26 years the event has been going on, the central location of Breckenridge in the country and independent filmmakers’ real chance at getting their films into the festival as reasons they are excited. The lifelong city dwellers want to see it reach its potential prominence for an agenda all their own, and one many here can relate to. They’d like to relocate to Breckenridge.It was their movie, “Finding Home,” that first introduced Foldes to the Breckenridge Film Festival in February of last year. Reviewer for The New York Observer, Rex Reed, told Foldes after seeing his film that he needed to take it to Jeff Lyons of the Breck film fest. Foldes did and Lyons wanted it in his festival. Unfortunately it was only a few days before the event and too late to screen the film. It is, however, in this year’s lineup and will serve as a case study for the film seminars Foldes and Meyerink will present.The two, full-day workshops, “Independent Filmmaking in Today’s Marketplace” and “Getting Films Seen – When the Shooting Stops, the Real Work Begins,” are topics Foldes and Meyerink cover while teaching at the International Film and TV Workshops in Maine. They have been teaching the film industry insider information in a summer session there for 15 years. Each Breckenridge workshop, which will take place during the festival, will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the Hyatt at Main Street Station.

One of the issues Foldes will address in “Independent Filmmaking,” will be to ask filmmakers what the purpose of their movie is and why they want to make it.”People don’t think ‘Is this right as a feature?, ‘Is this right as a documentary?, a feature short?, a feature length documentary?'” he said. Foldes said clarifying personal and technical goals is an important beginning.During the “Getting Films Seen” seminar, Foldes said they will spend a lot of time on grassroots promotion and publicity and distributing theatrically in the United States. “You can make a movie in a vacuum, but then what?” he said. Foldes said he and Meyerink want to garner a relationship with the Arts District of Breckenridge to hold a series of workshops throughout the year. “We want to bring equipment and vendor sponsors to the festival with different equipment to outfit the arts district to have a film center,” Foldes said. “Instead of having the Breck Film Festival as a four-day event every year, the Breckenridge Film Festival would be a center for film education that would be a year-round facility.”Another resource Foldes and Meyerink will utilize in their teaching besides their firsthand film producing knowledge will be their Academy connections.

“The Best of the Year’s Student Academy-Award-Winning Films” will be presented Saturday during the festival. As committee members of the Student Academy Awards (they’re also members of the general awards committee), Foldes and Meyerink will show the first-place films from each category including narrative, documentary, animation, alternative and honorary foreign film.”For the first time we’ll publicly present these winning films, which have never been shown at a film festival as a group presentation of the Academy,” Foldes said. “We’re bringing these films to audiences in and around Breckenridge that wouldn’t have access to these films and giving the young filmmakers an audience they wouldn’t readily have.”The evening event will begin at 6 and from 8-9 p.m. Foldes and Meyerink will open the floor to the audience for a discussion on what goes on behind closed doors of the Academy. What votes are based on, what members look for and the details of the selection process will be revealed.”It’s important for filmmakers to know the thought process; where we’re coming from, what we like to promote and the direction we’d like to see award-winning films take,” Foldes said.The Breckenridge Film Festival will take place Sept. 7-10. Check out http://www.breckfilmfest.com for the movie schedule so far.

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