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Hollywood made in Leadville

Roger Peterson
Silver City Films casting team member, Noah Geisel, chats with Lake County High School students Wilber MŽndez and Ever Le—n during the lunch hour on Tuesday. Geisel is searching out a crew of extras for scenes that will be filmed in and around Leadville next week. Potential extras are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

LEADVILLE – Plenty of Leadville faces are heading for the silver screen. To seek them out, members of the casting team for the upcoming film, entitled “Silver City,” were in Leadville Tuesday to meet with local high school students. Noah Geisel and Alec Giardino addressed classes and interested students during the lunch hour.

“What we need are you, your parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents,” Geisel said. “There are many scenes in which we need people acting as spectators or workers. This director likes to portray the people who otherwise wouldn’t have a voice.”

In an effort to reach the Spanish-speaking community of Leadville, Geisel addressed the native speakers in their own language. He hopes the students will spread the word among their family members that “extras” are needed when the film crew comes to town next week. Shooting will take place at several locations around the county, including street scenes in Leadville and one in Twin Lakes. Filming began last month in Denver and will continue in Leadville from Oct. 22-30. The finished film will debut at theaters next summer.

“Silver City” is a modern-day murder mystery set against the backdrop of a political campaign. It interweaves elements of the illegal labor market, a polluted mining town and police investigations. Starring in the film are Darryl Hannah, Danny Houston, Chris Cooper and Richard Dreyfus.

Among the scenes filmed in Lake County are those of a political speech at Twin Lakes, at which the Lake County High School Band will perform, and a Day of the Dead parade in Leadville featuring 30-40 people.

When the movie’s 75-member crew arrives in Leadville, area residents will see some unusual activity about town, including many large trucks, as well as lighting, filming and prop equipment. Costume, wardrobe and set crews will also be present.

Geisel explained to students what’s required to become an “extra” for the movie. An estimated 200 will be needed for three days of filming in Leadville.

In any movie, “extras” are the people who don’t say anything, but make up the activity in the background of a scene, including people who act like they’re doing activities such as walking, shopping or talking. They add atmosphere and also will serve as spectators during the parade.

How to become an “extra” for the movie

Those who are selected as “extras” should know a number of things before appearing for a scene on the set.

– Report at least 15 minutes before call time. If you can’t make it, call immediately so a replacement can be found.

– Bring 4-5 changes of clothing that include pale or muted colors such as blue, gray or ivory. It is important not to draw attention away from the action of the scene. Avoid clothes with tight or intricate patterns.

– Clothing worn must have no names or logos showing.

– Don’t wear sandals or open-end shoes.

– Bring layers of clothing appropriate to the scene and the weather. All scenes take place in the fall.

– Leave valuables at home.

– All beepers, cell phones or watches must be turned off.

– Cameras are not allowed.

– You will not be allowed to ask stars for autographs.

– Prepare for a long day. There will be long periods of time when you won’t be on the set and can’t leave. Bring something to keep you busy, such as a book, cards or writing materials.

– You will be paid for your time. You must fill out an I-9 form, so you will need to provide the proper identification, such as a passport, driver’s license or social security card.

– Lunch will be provided.

– If you are taking any medications, please bring it and notify the medic on the set of any potential problems.

– Don’t overdress … be yourself and be natural.

Prospective “extras” should send their name, photograph and telephone number as soon as possible to: Silver City Films, 2401 15th Street, Suite 200, Denver, CO 80202. Please include dates on which you will be available from Oct. 22-30. Applicants under age 18 must have a parent or guardian present to sign permission for participation.

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