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Home Depot helps out

Dick Gustafson
Vail, CO, Colorado

Every once in a while, something special happens that confirms to me the basic goodness of my fellow man.

I have been given the pleasant duty to produce a re-enactment of the “Last Supper”to be performed on the Maundy Thursday (April 9), prior to Easter Sunday, by volunteer church members.

The Eagle River Presbyterian Church is re-creating this historic event as described in the Bible. Each apostle will tell his life’s story as and after he met Jesus. The evening concludes with a communion service performed by pastor Rob Wilson. Every believing Christian is welcome to participate in the service regardless of denomination affiliation or church attendance.

A riser needed to be built on each side of a permanent platform to accommodate the entire scene.

I asked the folks at The Home Depot for assistance in designing

the structures so they would be structurally sound. That is when I met Tommy West. He helped me with the design, he cut the wood to the proper size for easy assembly, and then, just as I was ready to check out, Tommy asked if he could build the platforms for me.

He, with the help of another associate, John Beckman, built both risers and had them ready for me the following day. When I couldn’t get the risers into my car, Tommy checked out the company’s rental truck and delivered the risers to the church.

I was prepared to pay for the service, but Tommy explained that he enjoyed helping out with community projects, and he refused payment.

Thank you, Tommy, John, assistant manager Bob Tait and The Home Depot, for your help and your unique and exemplary community spirit. God bless.

Dick Gustafson

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