Homestake hole wasn’t a booby trap |

Homestake hole wasn’t a booby trap

Daily staff report
Vail, CO Colorado

RED CLIFF, Colorado – The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Forest Service have determined that the large section of dug-out trail on Homestake Road near Camp Hale was not a booby-trap for snowmobiles, the Sheriff’s Office said Friday.

The hole was dug with the intention of removing a utility terrain vehicle that was stuck and was not meant to hurt snowmobilers, police said. The person that dug the hole did not notify anyone because they didn’t believe that the hole was a potential hazard, according to authorities.

Snowmobilers who found the hole said they thought it may have been dug to intentionally hurt snowmobilers.

It was at the top of an incline on a sweeping right-hand curve and in the trees, where it was almost impossible to see from a moving snowmobile.

They marked it with tree branches and notified authorities.

The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office is reminding snowmobilers to keep an eye on the trail for hidden dangers. Depressions in the snow, fallen trees and snow covered stumps can have fatal results for those who are not prepared to stop.

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