Homestead willing to discuss the deal |

Homestead willing to discuss the deal

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – Homestead agreed to keep talking with the county about an Edwards open space deal, but they agreed to little else.

In a letter to the county commissioners afternoon, Homestead’s homeowners association’s board of directors said they agree to be part of any discussions involving open space acquisition in their neighborhood.

“The Board of Directors, on behalf of the association, would be interested in discussing partnering with the county to work toward preserving this parcel of land,” wrote David Firmin, attorney for Homestead.

The county commissioners want to spend $3.25 million from the tax-supported open space fund to buy 160 acres in Homestead.

Homestead has 400 acres of dedicated open space bordering those 160 acres. The commissioners want Homestead to put its 400 acres under a conservation easement and come up with $70,000 to do it.

Not likely, Homestead said.

Homestead is offering 120 acres, a couple possible trail locations and, so far, no money.

The commissioners also want $400,000 from Creamery Gulch homeowners to help pay for the conservation easements.

Supporters call the deal the linchpin for preserve the Lake Creek Valley. Opponents say if Homestead puts all 400 acres under conservation easement, they’ll have no bargaining chip with future development deals are proposed.

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