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Honest Abe photo shoot not so honest in Eagle

Dustin Racioppi
Eagle CO, Colorado

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

EAGLE, Colorado ” A photo shoot for a documentary on Abraham Lincoln last year may lead deputies to a banking scam that one local woman may be caught up in.

It may have started last year when the woman was working with an intern who asked her to be in a photo shoot for a documentary on the 16th president he was working on. He made her sign a waiver, which included her phone number.

When his internship was up, she heard sparsely heard from the man.

Then, on Thanksgiving, the woman received a phone call from a man with a thick Indian accent who was looking for the ex-intern/documentarist. The man on the phone said if she didn’t find him within three hours, he would take legal action against the woman. That didn’t happen.

The caller popped up again on Dec. 4 and said in a voicemail he would be pressing charges against the woman because her friend, the former intern, defaulted on a payday loan of more than $5,000.

When police Google-searched the different phone numbers from the man, the number was returned to Cashnet Bank and there were several posts from people complaining they had encountered similar situations and it was a scam.

The woman told deputies that she didn’t expect anything more than to be in a few pictures when she involved herself with the intern last year. Now she’s monitoring her credit report and scrutinizing other documents to make sure she didn’t get involved with anything more dangerous.

GYPSUM ” A 55-year-old Gypsum man got more than what he paid for when he parked his car last week.

According to the sheriff’s report, on Dec. 5 the man discovered that the windshield and driver’s side window of his black 1994 BMW were smashed in.

He paid $800 for the car, but the damage was estimated at $3,000, making the whole thing a total loss.

WOLCOTT ” Somewhere out there, there’s a man with a broken car window and he still doesn’t know about it.

Deputies have tried contacting the owner of a Toyota 4-Runner that they noticed on Dec. 2 at the Wolcott Park and Ride had its rear passenger window smashed. The sheriff’s report said the doors were still locked in the car, but the inside was in disarray with copper piping strewn around the back seat. It didn’t appear as if anything was stolen, either, according to the report.

The sheriff’s office has closed the case because there are no leads and the registered owner of the car, who lives in Rifle, cannot be found.

EDWARDS ” There will be no “Theme Time Radio Hour” with Bob Dylan for a while in the unfortunate case of one local man whose XM Satellite Radio was stolen from him in the wee hours of Dec. 2.

It was his friend who noticed because he watched the theft in action. According to the sheriff’s report, he saw a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and black gloves breaking into the Chevrolet Silverado parked in the Riverwalk lower garage.

When the alleged robber noticed the man, he ran away, with the radio in hand, to his own car and sped off.

Deputies were able to locate him shortly after in Wolcott, where they would charge him with theft, criminal mischief, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of burglar tools, speeding, driving under restriction and first-degree criminal trespassing.

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