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Honeymoons: From top to bottom

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Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyHoneymoons can set the tone for the rest of the marriage, be ready!

Planning a wedding ” the expectation, the pageantry, the craziness of it all ” can take its toll on even the strongest of couples. But now that you’ve said your vows, cut the cake and tossed the bouquet, it’s time to make the great escape.

But where to go?

When choosing your destination, the experts at Honeymoons.com suggests you ask yourself the following questions:

– Do we want to go around the corner or around the world?

– Do we want to save or splurge?

– Do we want sunshine or snow?

– Do we want to be lively or lazy?

– Do we want to learn something new that we can enjoy together?

Once you’ve determined where you want ” and can afford ” to go, it’s time to make your travel arrangements. Before you do, though, it’s important to keep in mind that “perfect honeymoons don’t just happen. They have to be carefully planned. The more you do your honeymoon homework, the more romantic ” and the more fun ” your honeymoon will be,” says Honeymoons.com’s Susan Wagner.

With that in mind, we asked area travel agents and wedding planners for a few pointers on planning the perfect honeymoon. Here’s what they advise:

– If you’ve spent too much of your savings on the wedding and reception, consider spending your honeymoon close to home. This way you can save on airfare while splurging on your hotel or meals (of course you can always use the extra money to replenish that savings account!). Remember, the Rocky Mountains are a popular destination for travelers from around the globe ” one online polll ranked Colorado No. 7 in the top U.S. honeymoon destinations!

– Set up a honeymoon registry. It works like a bridal registry but instead of springing for that new salad spinner, your friends and family have the option of contributing to your trip. Have them buy gift certificates for dinners, shows or even spa treatments at your honeymoon destination.

– When you book your travel, hotel and car rental, be sure to check every detail, especially with deals that claim to be “all inclusive honeymoon packages.” Aside from airfare and accommodations, most honeymoon packages will add dinners, sightseeing and transportation into the overall cost of the package. But buyer beware:

There could be a number of undisclosed fees, and in the end it could cost you more than if you had planned your honeymoon on your own. To avoid confusion, ask for an itemized list from the carrier or destination company when making your plans.

– Active honeymooners (active in outdoor sports, that is) might consider a guided activity trip. Companies that cater to those who want to see the world by foot, bike or raft have mushroomed in recent years. Albeit pricey, a guide service can make your honeymoon adventurous as well as romantic and relaxing.

– Don’t forget to update your travel documents ” passports, visas and immunization records. Remember, many countries will not allow you in without the proper visas and immunizations … and being sent home at the airport is no way to start your great escape!

– And remember, “everybody loves a lover.” Tell everyone along the way ” your travel agent, airline personnel on board and on the ground, hotel front desks, etc. “- that you’re on your honeymoon and keep telling them as your trip progresses. You’ll be surprised at the number of smiles and perks that this can bring you!


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