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Hope beneath the fury

Don Rogers

This name-calling – “Christian!” “Anti-Christian!” – needs to stop, especially among our government leaders. Democratic National Commit-tee Chairman Howard Dean should be sent to his room without dinner for his rather nutty remark about Republicans being a “white Christian party.” Apparently he’s managed to overlook the simple fact that his party, which he presumes to lead, is also still quite firmly dominated by white Christians.Same with Rep. John Hostettler, R-Indiana, for his idiotic remarks about the “demonizing” Democrats leading a “long war on Christianity.” Please. The context with Hostettler was a bit of legislative overreaction to some over-the-top religious proselytizing at the Air Force Academy, which surely can be solved without an act of Congress. For awhile the session degenerated into shouting matches over who went to church more before order was restored, some remarks stricken and the offending legislation voted down.There is a lot of posturing and legislative work wrapped in “Christian” cloaks these days. It’s curious, though, because “Christian” covers a lot of ideological ground – most certainly liberal ideological ground. The conservative acolytes do not speak for the grand sweep of Christianity. In short, invoking “Christian values” in the political realm is meaningless. It should not be taken as short-hand for conservativism. Else Martin Luther King Jr. would be rolling in his grave.Thankfully, beneath the boil, evangelical Christians do share values with and work with liberals on a host of issues that cross party lines: AIDS in Africa, the killing in Darfur, religious persecution. Maybe there is some hope here. Vail, Colorado

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