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Hope isn’t a strategy

By now most of us are familiar with the saying, Hope is not a strategy. As a matter of fact, Rick Page actually wrote a book with that title. Hope may not be a strategy but, as noted Psychologist Alfred Adler says, Hope is the foundational quality of successful change. And management and leadership guru John Maxwell says, If there is hope in the future, there is power in the present. We all have hope, and we all desire joy. Hope fuels purpose, purpose drives passion, passion primes the pump of performance. Performance delivered equals results and results achieved is the realization of joy. We all have hope and we all desire joy. So although hope may not be a strategy, it is a critical ingredient on our way to joy.In these trying times I have heard some say it is hard to have hope. Others have actually used the word fear when describing their thoughts of the present condition of the economy. When you stop and think about it, hope and fear are actually based on the same thing. Both are rooted in the notion that something will happen in the future. Some people are hopeful and others are fearful. Which one are you? In past articles I have shared some concepts and philosophies: You can have everything in life that you want, just as long as you help enough other people get what they want. You have to be the right type of person or business before you can do all the good things you want to do, and before you can have all the things you want to have. Building and maintaining trust is crucial in any relationship, business or personal.When you apply these principles founded in optimism and hope, you are destined for greatness. Globally and locally, some businesses are basing their plans on a cautiously optimistic forecast while others are fighting hard to stay afloat day to day and have great fear about their immediate future. There are no magic bullets or quick fixes, but there is hope. And there is also the importance of maintaining a positive mental attitude. But the positive mental attitude isnt doing it for you, you say? Then think about this: A positive mental attitude will not allow you to do anything, but it will allow you to do everything better than a negative attitude will. There is nothing to be gained through negativity but there is power in hope, optimism, and a positive attitude!At the Vail Chamber & Business Association we are hoping that you will enthusiastically and optimistically consider renewing your membership or join us for the first time. Vail is an awesome place because of our merchants and there is tremendous opportunity for all of us if we come together. Please call us at 970-477-0075. You can e-mail me directly at michael@vailchamber.org or e-mail the chamber at info@vailchamber.org. Thank you in advance for allowing us to serve you in the future!Michael Norton is the director of the Vail Chamber & Business Association.

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