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Hopes for future Valentine’s Days

Cindy Ramunno
Vail, CO Colorado

Jenna Walsh’s 4th graders at Brush Creek Elementary know what their perfect romantic gift would be for Valentine’ Day 2017.

– The perfect gift I could possibly get for Valentines Day is a week on the beach in Puerto Vallerta. ” Callie Bruckner

– The most romantic thing anybody could do for me would be to take me sky diving. ” Riley Boomhower

– The most romantic thing would be to go on a cruise. ” Tyler Lowdermilk

– The greatest thing someone would give me is getting me into a sport I really like. ” Jose Valencia

– Going to the Super Bowl with my aunt. ” Katie Laidman

– Sitting on the beach in Australia with my future girlfriend. ” Joseph Sheldon

– The most romantic thing somebody would give me are some Super Bowl tickets. ” Willy Thrasher

– The most romantic thing someone could do for me is pay for me to go to Orlando for two weeks. ” Hannah Laisure

– The most romantic thing a person could give me is love, and say he loves me. ” Olivia Bolwell

– A trip to Vegas. ” Riley Nestlerode

– The most romantic thing when I’m older is I want to be a pro football player. ” Eric Lucas

– The most romantic thing that someone could do for me is to just be nice to me. No matter how rich or poor they are, no matter if they are famous or shy. To be respectful, to be trustworthy, to not be a cheater, but most of all, I want him to just be himself. ” Samantha Pritchard

– The gift I would like for Valentines Day is a trip to Spain or Paris. While I’d be there, I would like to go to a spa. That would be the gift I’d like for Valentines Day. ” Gabrielle Jeffers

– The most romantic thing that someone could give is a trip to anywhere like Australia or Spain, in a first class seat. Or if we arrived at a hotel, some cookies with my name carved into them would also be nice. But just to respect me would be the greatest gift. ” McKenzee Sisson

– For a romantic gift for somebody, I would take them for sushi and give them a ticket to go to Hawaii with a reservation to the nicest hotel with a nice dessert in the suite. They would have limo take them where ever they want to go and I would meet whoever at a fine dining restaurant. That would be my romantic Valentines present. ” Nina Feracca

– Go to a romantic restaurant on Valentines Day and get your date a gift. ” Bubba Gardoni

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