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‘Hot Target’ is a hot book

Terri Schlichenmeyer

Next time you talk over the phone with someone you’ve never met in person, notice that you have an image in your mind of how he or she appears. You think you know that person’s hair color, weight, and height, but I almost guarantee that if you were to meet this stranger, you’d be quite astonished at what the “real” person looks like.Some things are not as they seem.If you think that Suzanne Brockmann is just a romance writer, go back and read that last sentence. Then pick up a copy of her new novel “Hot Target” (c.2005, Ballantine Books) and be prepared to be surprised.Twenty-something J. Mercedes Chadwick is a sexy, flamboyant Hollywood movie producer working on her newest project, American Hero, a true tale of World War II bravery that happens to include a homosexual love story. There are people who are angry that Mercedes would dare besmirch the name of a hero, and she’s getting a lot of hate emails. Unfortunately, one of the emails is a death threat and HeartBeat Studios calls in the FBI and Troubleshooters Incorporated.Navy SEAL Chief Cosmo Richter knows many of the people on the Troubleshooters Inc. team, so he offers to help the team provide security for Mercedes. Cosmo thinks Mercedes is beautiful, but shallow. “Party Girl Producer” is what the tabloids call her, and Cosmo doesn’t like her much that is, until Cos begins to see the real woman behind the faade. “J. Mercedes” is really Jane Chadwick, a woman who’s nothing like her public persona. Janey Chadwick could be someone with whom Cos could spend the rest of his life.FBI Agent Jules Cassidy is called in from Washington to help Troubleshooters, Inc. and to find the man who’s threatening Mercedes. Jules is good at his job one of the best but he’s a little distracted now. His former lover, Adam, has surfaced and wants Jules to give Mercedes his resume. Jules still loves Adam, but Adam knows exactly how to use people, and he’s got his sights set on Robin, Mercedes’ brother and the lead in the movie. Robin says he’s straight and points to his womanizing past as evidence, but oh, my, he’s noticed that Jules has the most incredible eyes.When the danger escalates and someone dies, Cosmo and Jules must protect Jane while trying to find the killer. Could it be someone close to Jane?Suzanne Brockmann fans will be happy to see their old Troubleshooters Inc. friends and a bonus chapter featuring Sam and Alyssa, but readers who think that “Suzanne Brockmann” equals “romance” are going to be quite surprised when they pick up this book. While yes, there is a love story a couple of them, in fact you’ll also find mystery, adventure, and a few plot twists you won’t expect.Chances are you’re going to find “Hot Target” in the romance section at your local bookstore. It definitely doesn’t belong there.Because some things are not as they seem. VT

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