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House too big for Eagle?

Eagle Valley Enterprise
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EAGLE, Colorado ” The town of Eagle is serious about enforcing its 7,000-square-foot limit on house sizes in Eagle Ranch. Town building inspectors recently stopped construction of a construction project after the owner’s effort to finish the crawl space pushed the size of the house close to the 10,000 square foot range.

The owner of the home is Texas resident Tommy Goff.

“Of course I’ve been cooperative. I’m a nice Texan,” said Goff. “This really has been resolved. There’s not a story there.”

Town Planner Bill Gray said the building permit for the home at 2708 E. Haystacker in the Highlands section of Eagle Ranch clearly indicated that the home would have an unfinished crawl space. The original plans indicated the house would be about 200 square feet short of the maximum size allowed.

Town building inspectors raised questions about what was going on with the project when they observed contractors adding what appeared to be a home theater room and a couple of bedrooms in the space. Gray said the finished space would have brought the size of the home close to 10,000 square feet.

When the town approved the Eagle Ranch development about 10 years ago, the town board specifically stipulated that homes could be no bigger than 7,000 square feet on the larger lots, and 6,000 square feet in the meadows area. The intent was to discourage the type of second-home development prevalent in the resort communities valley.

Stephen Richards, the architect for the house, said the poured slab underneath the crawl space will be jack hammered out.

Gray noted that Goff has been cooperative with the town.

“He’s given every indication he wants to do it right,” said Gray.

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