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Houseful Hints Pets on Board

Sue Rychel of Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate

If your house is for sale and you have pets, there are many things that can be done to help your pets be comfortable in the process and make your potential buyers comfortable as well. First, if at all possible, do not have pets in the home while buyers are present. Take them for a walk, have your neighbors pick them up temporarily, or take them for a car ride during the time buyers are looking at the property. Do not leave pets loose in the house or confined in a cage where they could create a ruckus or look pathetic. Buyers are adversely affected by either. Pets in the home can become the negative focal point of a buyers memory, not your lovely home.Make sure the yard and home is clear of signs of pets; make it free of their toys, clumps of hair, and especially any animal debris. Inside, vacuum, put away pet toys, put fresh water in the bowls, shine food bowls, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, keep cat litter boxes clean with no odors. If necessary, have your carpeting professionally cleaned. Many people are allergic to pets, and not only can pet debris be interpreted as a poor reflection, but some buyers will have adverse physical reactions not advantageous to presenting your home as a possible home for someone else. Your animals are precious to you, however, dont put them or potential buyers in an uncomfortable position. By doing these simple things, your property will show in its most pristine light and buyers will take the time to look at all of the positive points without possible distractions. Sue Rychel, Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate, Sitzmark Office, 183-5 Gore Creek Dr., Vail, CO 81657, 970.479.2020, x21, Toll free: 888.412.6620, x21

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