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Housing crisis needs a team

If you want to get something big done, you need a champion.

That’s really the basis for a regional housing council. The Blue Ribbon Housing Commitee last week proposed this council that would be a bridge between the many players with hands in Eagle County’s top issue ” housing that people who work here can afford.

Well, some ask, why not just have the county’s housing department handle this? The answer is in part political, and part practical.

First, the smart-aleck answer: The county, nor any other single entity was not able to keep us out of this fix today. Bits of housing here and there have not come close to addressing the problem.

Yes, housing costs have always been an issue in resort communities, and of course they always will ” at least until the community collapses, and some indeed do. But the leap in prices truly threaten our community’s quality of life, for the folks who can afford these prices and the workers who cannot.

The political answer is that frankly, the towns and other entities do not trust a situation in which one entity ” the county government ” controls such an effort. The proposal for an independent housing council, formed in cooperation among the various players, makes the most sense.

Our housing issues do not end at anyone’s borders. They stretch throughout the region. The problem is big enough that only a lot of collabration, not to mention cooperation and coordination will prove the only ways to have a hope of addressing this beast at all effectively.

Everyone needs to contribute, with no single entity presuming to dominate, to help make Eagle County a better place for our children to live and work in the future.

This has to be a team effort.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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