How can we make Vail more convenient? |

How can we make Vail more convenient?

Susie TjossemVail, CO, Colorado

To be successful, the Vail Chamber and Business Association has adopted the 3 Cs communication, collaboration and cooperation. But there are other relevant Cs including convenience that the Vail business community needs to focus on in todays competitive business environment.Since convenience is a major factor in virtually anyones decision-making process, it begs the question: Is Vail perceived as a convenient resort to stay, recreate, shop and dine?Shopping convenience has become a topic of late. Vails police force reports many customer complaints based on so few retail establishments being open in the evening. Because people are taking shorter vacations, many spend their days recreating and plan their shopping and dining experiences for after dark. Guests come into town in the evening and expect the shops to be open because they are accustomed to malls, which have uniform opening and closing hours. Many guests report being inconvenienced because after spending their day golfing, biking, rafting, hiking or attending a concert there isnt time to shop. Some business owners say their shops arent open in the evening because there isnt any business while others insist there isnt any business because shops arent open. If our shopping hours were more convenient would evening traffic increase? Shops in the core historic downtown district of Park City stay open until 10 p.m. and report brisk business. Is it time to join together as a business community and test staying open later? The lack of late-night transportation options is another area where Vail receives very low convenience scores. Young people enjoying Vails late night scene and employees working the late shift are surprised to learn that there is very limited bus service between 12 a.m. and the drunk bus which runs at 2 a.m. Between midnight and 2 a.m. their choice is to stick around and drink a little more, call someone (parents or roommates) for a ride home or worse, drive home impaired. This gap in bus service is not convenient for users and does not support Vails late night entertainment scene. If we want to make Vail convenient for its late night customers and employees we need to improve the late night transportation options. More buses or subsidized taxi service could be options that would make our nightlife more convenient.Convenience is essential if we want to be successful so lets test ours. The Vail Chamber & Business Association is an advocate for the business community. Membership renewal forms are in the mail. If you are not a member please contact us for 2008/09 membership materials. VCBA membership includes a free listing in the Vail Guide, a $250 value. Call for more information 970-477-0075.Susie Tjossem is the interim director of the Vail Chamber & Business Association.

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