How desperate are you? |

How desperate are you?

Laura A. Ball

They may be desperate, but they’re not lacking when it comes to style. Shedding light on the reality behind domestic bliss, the women of “Desperate Housewives” certainly dress the part. Look closely, and their clothes might tell you more than they’re willing to admit. The popular new drama, on at 8 p.m. Sunday night on ABC, takes a darkly comedic look at suburbia.There’s the prim and proper Bree Van De Kamp, the free-spirited Susan Mayer, the full-time mom Lynette Scavo and the vivacious Gabrielle Solis.Which housewife are you? A regular Martha Stewart wannabe, the prim and sophisticated Bree Van De Kamp (Marcia Cross) is a perfectionist through and through. Dressed to the nine in her pearls, cashmere cardigan and pencil skirt, Bree exudes an air of power, sophistication and femininity. She’s an amazing cook, an avid gardener and her house is never in disarray.But don’t let her simple dress fool you, she is quick-witted and perhaps too bright for her own good. She loves to make plans and she has plenty of determination to see them through. Headed for divorce, when Bree is challenged by her husband for the kids affection, guess who wins. This proper lady is a true survivor. Who says it’s bad to be tight-laced. The stunning redhead knows what she wants and lets nothing stop her.

Then there’s the free-spirited Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher) who wants another chance at love. The divorcee knows that she hasn’t found all that life has to offer. And her curiosity often gets the best of her. Like when she falls through her neighbor’s ceiling, trying to discover more about him. Susan looks great in jeans and a tank or an evening gown, whatever she happens to throw on. A little bit sporty, a little bit bohemian, the single mom is surprisingly open-minded and it shows in her clothes.She has a huge heart and is always there when her friends need her. Although she is a little unsure of herself, she may be the first to find happiness among the housewives. Like her style, her beauty is effortless.Ex-career woman Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman), another resident housewife, has taken on another full-time job – motherhood. Known for her button down shirts and choker with her hair hastily tied back but in her face, she’s tired and struggling. Forget about makeup or having time to do her hair. This domestic life just isn’t working for her. Her husband is always working and her kids torment her all day long. Worst of all she doubts her mothering ability.But Lynette’s a fighter. She’s not giving up, even if she has to steal her children’s ritalin to get the job done.

Maybe one day she’ll have time to spend on what she looks like, but for now, family comes first.Finally, there’s the sexy ex-model Garbrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) who lives for desire. She doesn’t know what it’s like not to get what she wants. When she’s not seducing the 17-year-old gardener, the temptation of shopping seduces her. The vixenous housewife shows off her tan in brightly colored halter tops, minis and heels, what better way to seduce the gardener. She has enough lingerie to fill a Victoria’s Secret store. But there is a price to pay. With the big house, fancy car and killer wardrobe, Gabrielle is emotionally unsatisfied and seeks all the attention she can get. Obviously that $15,000 diamond necklace from her husband won’t being her happiness. But what will satisfy the self-centered seductress? She has a lot to learn.But if you’re like me, you’re any one of these women at any given time. Without that balance we really would be desperate, wouldn’t we?

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