How did Eagle County elk end up with barstool around neck? |

How did Eagle County elk end up with barstool around neck?

Caramie Schnell
Eagle County CO, Colorado
Bill Johnson/Special to the DailyBill Johnson was one of the first people to spot the elk in Eagle, Colorado.

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado “-Maybe she was trying to redecorate her living quarters. Maybe she had a rough night at the Dusty Boot. Maybe she was trying to break in the new-and-improved Brush Creek Saloon. Or maybe she’s merely trying to accessorize ” you know, an attempt to stand out in the herd.

We’re talking about the down valley elk sporting a barstool around her head, of course.

So what do you think happened?

In 250 words or less, give us your best guess. Tell us a story. Paint us a picture of the events leading up to Miss Elk’s new accessory. Whatever you do, be funny about it. E-mail your entries to Entries are due by midnight on March 4. We’ll print the best stories in this space on March 6.

Is writing not your thing? If you’d rather make a short film “-one minute or less ” that’s an option, too. Call Public Access 5 at 970-949-5657 for more information. The winning film will be shown on Channel 5 and posted on as well. Entries for the winning film are due by March 6.

The winning storyteller will score dinner for four people at The Gashouse in Edwards. The winning filmmaker will win dinner for two at Up The Creek in Vail.

In no way are we trying to disrespect said elk. We feel bad for her. Rest assured, district wildlife manager Craig Wescoatt said the stool doesn’t seem to be impeding the animal’s movement. “She’s very active,” he said. ” … She just looks kind of goofy.” We agree, which is what spurred this contest.

Questions? Call High Life Editor Caramie Schnell at 970-748-2984.

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