How I saw it |

How I saw it

Nancy Rondeau

Please separate the news from your editorializing for our communities.

We have only one source for our news now.

The case in point is the way in which the political caucuses were reported. I am not a party member, but a staunch independent. I attended the Democratic caucus primarily to meet the candidates.

The review and the photo in the April 14 Daily showed poor choice of words and subjects. I feel it was misleading. To illustrate this, I have six examples: ONE: head count was not 80, it was over 100. TWO: the president’s news broadcast was on the TV, but no one was watching it ” in fact, the sound was very muted. THREE: the assembly was enthusiastic and VERY upbeat with focus on local issues and candidates.

The conversations were astute and enlightened. These are intelligent folks and you need not interview someone with stories from ELSEWHERE when there were so many long-term locals there who would have gladly given you real valid input.

FOUR: Your photographer took more than a dozen shots. Why you chose Gallagher’s photo, I don’t understand ” at this time he is NOT running. FIVE: You gave no focus (only a one liner) to Gary Lindstrom, candidate for state House of Representatives, who drove over the pass to meet and greet Eagle county folks and has experience in local government and involvement in environmental issues. I saw no mention of the candidate for district attorney. You only gave a one liner to Ken Salazar, whose representative read a very meaningful letter, so all-encompassing to the vital issues of Colorado.

You neglected to mention that Jay Fetcher, candidate for state Senate, was represented by his daughter who lives right here in Red Cliff!

SIX: The inappropriate words you inserted: disdain, heckle, argue, blood ” where did they come from? SEVEN: Gallagher, at this time , does not face Runyon, but three paragraphs were written on him. Why? As most people don’t know much about Runyon, a photo and more words about him would have been newsworthy!

I request that the Vail Daily, in reporting the NEWS, leave editorializing to the OTHER column so that all voters can have faith in your coverage. The fate of all our decisions is too important. Please don’t color the news with your personal thoughts! If we seek your opinion and have the time, we can read the OTHER column.

Nancy Rondeau


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