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How it began

Rob LeVine

Thanks for the nice article on the upcoming community highway cleanup day. If I may, however, I’d like to set the record straight on one point.

With all due respect to Caroline Bradford, the very first countywide cleanup day was instigated by my lovely wife, Evelyn Pinney.

In 1998, she spearheaded the adoption of a section of I-70 just east of Glenwood Canyon in the name of “Colorado Friends of John Denver.” The next spring she contacted a number of other highway adoptors (including the Antlers) with the idea of a joint cleanup.

She mentioned it to our neighbors Doug and Mo Cogswell one night, and Doug (with his usual exuberance) suggested that it would be a great project for Rotary. With his help, Evelyn made the pitch on a following Wednesday. Bob Maroney jumped on board (now there’s a guy who deserves Citizen of the Year), and the countywide cleanup was born.

I’m sure many folks remember the barbecue at the Eagle Vail Pavilion that year with John Sommers and Jim Salestrom playing music. A year or two later, Evelyn became more and more busy with the Eagle County Planning Commission, the Land Trust Board and more.

As she phased out, Caroline Bradford capably picked up the ball and has done a great job of keeping it going ever since.

I only mention it because the cleanup day is something Evelyn is extremely proud of starting (and I’m equally proud of her), but she’s not the type to blow her own horn. It would be a shame if people forgot that it was she who started the whole thing. Thanks again for the rest of your coverage of the event.

Rob LeVine

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