How much did field trip cost? |

How much did field trip cost?

Matt Terrell
Vail, CO Colorado
Preston Utley/Vail DailyAvon Elementary student council president Abby Harrison listens to Avon town Councilwoman Tamara Nottingham Underwood at a meeting the student council held at Town Hall.

AVON ” Here at the Avon Town Hall, where laws and taxes are debated and crafted for the good of the people, one topic of discussion was “wacky hair day.”

You won’t necessarily see mayor Ron Wolfe with a mohawk, but it’s an important thing to students at Avon Elementary, where they regularly have “spirit days” to get kids pumped up to go to school.

Student council president Abby Harrison told fellow councilors in her president’s report, “We’ve had a lot of good spirit days.”

The student council, made of two representatives from each class, had a chance to govern their school in style in the Avon town council chambers Thursday. It was a good chance to see what’s really on the mind of elementary students.

We know now that not everyone participates in spirit days, and that’s a concern. At least one student wants more science projects in after school programs. A couple students were bored last summer, but most were happy.

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Many students recycled this year, and that’s important because it saves trees and paper, Harrison said.

More than $824 were raised in their “Pennies for Patients” drive held at the school for kids with cancer.

One student asked a pointed question for the treasurer: Did we lose or gain money in the student council account?

Lots of money was given to the fourth grade field trip to the Dinosaur National Monument, so there was a loss of money, Jesus Bustillos said.

It was something the council voted on, and they’ll vote on it again next year.

“We helped donate money to kids who didn’t have money to go,” Harrison said. “We make our money at school store where we sell candy and school supplies at lunch.”

One student asked Avon Town Councilwoman Tamra Nottingham Underwood if kids ever go to Avon town council meetings.

“We’ve had children there, but they can be boring, sometimes past my bedtime,” Underwood said.

The meeting followed an agenda, like any official meeting, had a call to order, roll call, new business, staff reports, and ended with a big swing of a gavel.

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