How much does parking cost at Eagle airport? |

How much does parking cost at Eagle airport?

Chris Outcalt
Eagle County, CO Colorado
Daily file photoPassengers currently enjoy free parking at the Eagle County airport in Gypsum, Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” How much is parking?

It’s often the first question people ask Edwards, Colorado travel agent Patty Kundolf when they’re considering flying out of the Eagle County Airport.

“It’s a big deal to people,” Kundolf said.

The days of free parking at the airport may be numbered. It’s still a concept, said Airport Director Ovid Seifers, but officials are considering charging for short-term and long-term parking.

The move would generate more revenue and help keep people from parking at the airport for 30 or 40 days at a time “something that’s been a problem, Seifers said.

“People knowingly abuse it,” he said.

Officials haven’t considered how much they would charge for parking, but it wouldn’t be upvalley prices, Seifers said.

“If it’s implemented, we’re not out to try and gouge anybody,” Seifers said.

Any money made from parking fees would go toward maintaining or improving the parking lots, he said. Officials would have to decide whether the parking system would be automated and credit card only, or require a staffed parking booth.

“It’s strictly a concept at the moment,” Seifers said.

It’s “very unusual” for an airport the size of Eagle County’s not to charge for parking, said Rex Tippetts, director of the Grand Junction Regional Airport.

The Grand Junction airport charges $8 a day for parking.

“Most airports do,” Tippetts said. “It costs so much to run an airport and it needs to be self sufficient. If you’re giving parking away, you’re charging someone else extra.”

The Aspen airport has charged for parking as long as Assistant Director David Ulane can remember. The airport raised its fees a few years ago ” parking costs $10 a day for the short-term lots and $5 a day for long-term parking.

“It can be a big enticement for people to use the local facility,” Ulane said. “But I think when you get into the larger airports, paid parking is more the rule rather than the exception.”

Eagle resident Nevada Wilde wasn’t surprised to hear the airport might charge for parking.

“It’s just one of those things,” he said. “The money has to come from somewhere.”

Short-term parking at the Colorado Springs airport is $8. The long-term rate is $6. At Denver International Airport, parking ranges from $5 a day for shuttle lots to $18 a day for lots within walking distance to the terminal.

Mira Hozzova, who lives in East Vail, said free parking was one of the incentives for her to pay a little more for flights out of Eagle County instead of going to Denver.

“I thought it was one of the conveniences of that place,” Hozzova said. “It’s a nice perk.”

And it’s a perk people have gotten used to, Kundolf said.

“I think locals would be surprised to find out it’s not free,” she said.

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