How our election picks fared |

How our election picks fared

Don Rogers

When the Daily makes election recommendations, they aren’t predictions. Rather Kantian, we choose what we believe is the best course, or the very best choice of candidates. We’re not trying to guess who will win with some idea that will make us look good, or demonstrate some sense of political power than frankly isn’t ours to declare.Hey, if you take our advice, that’s great. If you don’t, well, we hope that our unique vantage in some way helped you figure out what you thought best, agree or disagree.In any case, in this space we just say what we think. Still, if the Daily were bookies this election season, we’d do pretty well. Five of our eight recommendations succeeded. Three outcomes were different.Referendum C passed, as did the county’s home rule measure. Mark Gordon, Farrow Hitt and Greg Moffet won seats on the Vail Town Council. We supported all of the above, and heartily.On the other hand, Referendum D and the Vail conference center measure failed. What did the two have in common? Well, that four-letter word debt. That might explain, at least in part, how Vail’s voters went for conference center advocates and cut a couple of incumbents who opposed the center.Former Councilman Kevin Foley unseated incumbents Dick Cleveland and Diana Donovan. We endorsed Cleveland, and would again. But Foley will do a fine job, and he’s been there before. Welcome back, Kevin.Vail, Colorado

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