How signs do we need? |

How signs do we need?

Don Rogers

OK, so Successful Meetings magazine ain’t quite Time or People.

Still, if you are a meeting planner – or a town of Vail voter – their 10 Meeting Sites to Watch in the December issue is bound to interest you. Sandwiched between India and Copenhagen, Denmark, is Vail in the list.

The secondary headline over the piece: “At a time of retrenchment and use of drive-to destinations, can there be any new meetings meccas on the horizon? The signs point to “yes.'”

All the better, Successful Meetings reports, that Vail is “contemplating building a new conference facility.”

“That would allow it to attract larger-sized meeting and convention events that must be supported by multiple hotel properties.”

The gist is that Vail provides value in the off-season from skiiing and summer is coming on well enough to make the town a “fantastic buy.”

The faint of heart no doubt will be appalled at this nugget of perspective from the world looking in. Then again, left to these well-intentioned folks, Vail wouldn’t have a Ford Amphitheater, Dobson Ice Arena or even roundabouts, either.

Let’s build the conference center already. OK?

Filling up

By the way, Avon’s Buffalo Ridge affordable-housing apartments are filling up just fine, thank you.

At last check, there were only 21 units left to rent out, and no special offers to rent them. That’s out of 241 units.

Up in Vail, you can bet Middle Creek will do the same.

This is great news if you are a cash-strapped renter, engaged in public policy or simply interested in what’s best overall for your community.

Maybe it’s not such great news if you have become a little accustomed to making a killing on Eagle County’s state-leading prices for rentals year in and year out.

But not to worry. The labor shortage and insane demand for housing will reassert themselves soon enough.

Crossing line

The Dow nudges past 10,000 and NASDAQ flirts with 2,000 – those psychological markers of prosperity and renewed confidence if the market holds for any length of time at all.

Eagle County’s fortunes, perhaps to a greater extent than fully realized, run with the stock markets. Watch and see what happens when the markers are crested for the long term.

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