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How to age well

Neil Rosenthal

Feeling older? Most of us do, although it’s obvious that some people are aging better than others. Aging well is not a secret. It’s a series of steps anyone can take. It’s about making sure that the various aspects of your life (health, your relationships with others, inner peace, future goals, gratitude, having fun, etc.) are all functioning well, and none of them are getting ignored or short-changed.What quality of life do you envision for yourself in the future? What quality of life do you envision for your senior years? Here are some suggestions about aging well:- Maintain healthy relationships with as many people as you can. That includes spouses, siblings, parents, children, friends, bosses, colleagues and extended family. – Pay attention to how often you have fun. Fun is one of the best ways to help you feel good about our life. – Stay focused on your life’s goals. Set some goals and go after achieving them.- Watch less TV. Be more an active participant in your life and less an observer.- Stay vital sexually. Sex is regenerative. – Live in the spirit of appreciation, gratitude and thanksgiving for what you have and what gifts life has graced you with.- Go all out in creating what you hope for.- Decide, by your actions, to direct your own life.Not sure how to do that? Then answer the following questions, and then go our and make them happen:- I could love more, and with fewer reservations, if I would …- I could lessen the burden I feel on a daily basis if I would …- One way I could become a better person would be for me to …- I could improve my diet and the quality of my nutrition if I would…- I could feel more sexually alive and vital if I would …- What is an adventure to me? The adventures I would like in my future are …- Concerning money, it would be wiser if I would …- I could be more present in my life, have more energy and have more moment-to-moment aliveness if I were to …- Is there anyone I still need to forgive? Anything I would like to forgive myself for? Anything I need to be forgiven for by someone else? What could I do about this? – In order to make peace with my past, I need to …- Could I do anything to improve on my spiritual life?- How could I invite deeper and more meaningful friendships with others? – In which areas of my life am I out of balance? What could assist me in being more in balance?- What could I do to add greater meaning and purpose to my life?- I could improve the important relationships in my life if I were to …- n Before I die, I want to accomplish or experience …- What are the people, things or events that I’m most grateful, thankful or appreciative of in my life?- I could feel at peace with myself more of the time if I were to …- What could I do improve my health and level of fitness? Neil Rosenthal is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Boulder. He can be reached at 303-758-8777 or e-mail at his Web site http://www.heartrelationships.comVail, Colorado

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