How to appeal your 2023 Colorado property assessment — and win |

How to appeal your 2023 Colorado property assessment — and win

Colorado’s county property assessors calculated unprecedented gains in home values and mailed notices to homeowners earlier this month. Median increases in residential properties, calculated every two years, shot up between 30% to nearly 50% across metro Denver. Those higher home values are expected to result in significant property tax increases next year, although it’s too early to know exactly how much those tax assessments will go up.

Now, assessors along the Front Range are reporting record numbers of appeals and are preparing to receive thousands more before the June 8 deadline.

But what’s the best strategy to challenge a home valuation that you believe is too high?

To find out, The Denver Post interviewed Adams County Assessor Ken Musso, Arapahoe County Assessor P.K. Kaiser, Denver County Assessor Keith Erffmeyer, Douglas County Assessor Toby Damisch and Jefferson County Assessor Scot Kersgaard, and got advice on how to file a successful appeal.

Here are some important things to know about the process:

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