How to make recycling easy enough to do |

How to make recycling easy enough to do

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Just the idea of having to pack up a leaky bag of beer bot-tles and truck it across town to the messy recycling bins is enough to make a lot of us throw our Earth-saving efforts directly into the trash.

That’s why the best way to get more of us to recycle is to cut out the hassle and put the recycling drop-off right outside our doors.

The town of Eagle is considering getting out of the trash business and hiring a private trash pickup company that can also provide curbside recycling.

It’s estimated that curbside recycling will bump up month-ly trash fees for a single-family home from $18 to $30.

Town board members are doing their part by considering whether residents want to fork over the extra money for the convenience.

We like the idea of giving residents an incentive to recycle, as Mayor Ed Woodland suggested, and giving residents the option of having their recycling picked up monthly or semi-monthly.

We urge Eagle residents to let their town board know how they feel about the idea and, in turn, the town board should hold a public hearing to let residents comment on the idea before making any change that would drastically hike up fees.

But a survey showed that curbside recycling is a pri-ority for Eagle residents, and we applaud town leaders for searching for ways to meet residents’ wants and needs.

Actually, it would be great if curbside recycling could become the norm in all of Eagle County.

The recycling bins at the county’s various drop-off sites are often overflowing. So the will to recycle is there.

But we’d sure prefer an easier way.

Vail Daily Editorial Board

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