How to quit smoking in Eagle County |

How to quit smoking in Eagle County

Sondra Manske
Eagle County, CO, Colorado

Every year around this time, people make their list of New Year’s resolutions. For tobacco users, the most common and often most challenging resolution is to quit smoking or chewing tobacco. The problem is that many tobacco users know they want to quit, but they don’t know what to expect — including how to resist temptation and cravings, how to handle friends who smoke around them, or even how to get started with a plan.

The Colorado QuitLine, a free telephone coaching service and online resource that provides free nicotine patches, can help tobacco users by preparing them for the quitting process and giving them easy tips to follow. Many times, tobacco users attempt to quit but often lose sight of why they are quitting when significant cravings occur.

By utilizing the Colorado QuitLine, people have the support and tools to quit for the long term. When people who smoke quit for good, their health quickly begins to improve. Immediate benefits of quitting include the ability to breathe easier, have more energy and a better sense of taste and smell.

The most important benefits are to decrease the risk of heart disease, stroke and lung cancer and increase life span by five to 12 years. Additionally, the average Colorado smoker can save about $1,800 annually.

For those tobacco users who have “Quit” on their New Year’s resolutions list, they can make it happen this year by contacting the Colorado QuitLine. Those who use the QuitLine along with the patches are nine times more likely to quit successfully compared to those who quit on their own. To get free help and make quitting a reality, call the Colorado QuitLine at 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit

Sondra Manske

Tobacco Prevention Coordinator, Eagle County Public Health

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