How to stay COOL in the cold |

How to stay COOL in the cold

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It wasn’t an issue of beer goggles foggy goggles were Trista’s biggest problem this last weekend, March 1-2.Skiing away from the finish line of the American Airlines Celebrity Ski Challenge, a mouse-like voice caught my attention: “Ryan, my goggles are fogging up.”I had heard this annoying whine before, but where? Just then two of America’s newest sweethearts appeared before me; Vail firefighter/knuckle-dragger Ryan Sutter, dressed to the tee with his new love bunny, Trista Rehn, sporting the perfect look for a “How Do I Get Off the Lift?” segment of the latest Warren Miller movie. I felt sorry for Trista as she seemed out of her element (something other than a half-time show). If only someone had clued her in that covering both her mouth AND nose with a gator was just asking for goggle fog.To some, fighting foggy goggles may seem like second nature, but to those who haven’t spent countless hours on the slopes battling the cold, this is not an obvious thing. Clearly, neither is ski fashion.If Trista is planning on moving to Vail, or is contemplating spending a few more days on the slopes, I’m hoping she (and anyone else who hasn’t logged hundreds of hours on the mountain), can benefit from some of these ski fashion rules of thumb.Tip No. 1: Runway fashion doesn’t translate to the slopesAlthough sequins, tassels and lace may be making a big splash on the pages of Vogue, you’re begging for trouble if you try to incorporate this into your ski wardrobe. Skiing’s not about walking through the on-mountain restaurant like it’s a Paris catwalk. It’s about staying warm and dry, and looking as cute as possible in your VERY practical Gortex, fleece and polypropylene ensemble.Tip No. 2: The way you wear it makes all the differenceFurry headbands are you kidding me?! OK, if you absolutely MUST wear one, fine. But please, honey, make sure you don’t go for the “I’m a ski bunny,” under-the-hair-fastened job. This makes your headband more of a hair accessory than ear-warming device not a good look. Again, the golden rule in ski fashion is that function comes before form.Tip No. 3: Equipment handling (this one goes out to the guy who hit me last weekend walking down Bridge Street)Walking through town cradling your scissored skis across your chest not only takes a toll on your ski’s edges, but it’s a good way to cause a 10-skier pileup on your way to the hill. Even if it’s true, don’t let people find out that you instinctively turn into a common senseless airhead the second you have bulky, hard-to-manage ski equipment to contend with. Keep it together with a simple Velcro strap, toss your boards over your shoulder and have a cool, collected, and collision-free walk to the car no horizontal handling!Tip No. 4: Ski fashions do change over timeNeon green and pink overstuffed jacket with stretch pants that are tucked into your white rear-entry boots … come on! Even if you haven’t been out on the slopes in 15 years, you don’t want anyone to know it. Look for a girl who can tear up the slopes she’ll not only know how to ski or ride well, she’ll know how to look good doing it. q

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