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Hoy seeks reelection on experience

J.K. Perry
Bret Hartman/Vail DailyEagle County Sheriff Joe Hoy, a Republican, is seeking reelection Nov. 2 election.

EDWARDS ” When Sheriff Joe Hoy took office, he said some deputies left for personal reasons. Hoy’s challenger for Eagle County sheriff in the Nov. 2 election, Democrat Scott Griffin, contends those deputies left because Hoy lacked integrity.

“We have a 17 percent turnover rate,” said Hoy, a Republican who lives in Edwards. “A lot of those folks left ” five or six ” to start their own business.”

Others left for new jobs or health reasons, he said. Hoy, 58, was responding to lack of integrity charges made by Griffin, who has not discussed his claims in any detail.

Hoy pointed to his experience, training and 16 years with the Sheriff’s Office as reasons he should be elected over Griffin.

During his tenure as sheriff, Hoy dealt with two high-profile incidents, including the case against basketball star Kobe Bryant and the disappearance last summer of Michelle Vanek in Holy Cross Wilderness.

“Obviously the first four years were challenging,” Hoy said.

In the same time frame, Hoy said he implemented several new programs. He put sergeants on patrol so there is a supervisor on duty to help citizens and deputies.

“If you go to a call, maybe a citizen wants to talk to a supervisor or a deputy wants to bounce something off a more experienced person,” Hoy said. “The point of it is to help resolve problems if they come up.”

He also implemented a cyber-task force designed to identify and capture Internet predators seeking sexual encounters with children and teens. In addition, the force is designed to teach parents and children about sexual predators lurking on the Internet.

“I didn’t want to sit on my hands and have this one day happen to our kids,” Hoy said.

Hoy said he foresees growth as the biggest challenge facing Eagle County. This includes an increase in calls to the Sheriff’s Office, certain types of crime and more congestion, Hoy said.

Hoy plans to monitor problems associated with growth and address problems with added staff, new technology and improved communication among law enforcement agencies, he said.

Hoy has been married 18 years, has four kids and four grandchildren.

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