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Hoy still up; no winner

EAGLE COUNTY – It’s official: It’ll be Monday before winners are announced in the county sheriff and surveyor races.

“We still have leaders, but no winners yet,” said Eagle County spokeswoman Kris Friel said.

Joe Hoy still leads challenger James van Beek in the sheriff’s race, but with each update, van Beek has edged closer, cutting the margin to 90 votes of 13,500 votes cast in that race. He trailed Hoy by 129 votes after Thursday’s update.

In the county surveyor’s race, Dan Corcoran leads Ted Archibeque by 158 votes, one vote less than Thursday’s update.

Canvassing the vote

Clerk and Recorder Teak Simonton’s election staff and the canvassing board – representatives from local Democratic and Republican parties – have spent three days working through the hundreds of remaining ballots. They updated the results Thursday afternoon and again Friday, and will finish Monday.

“We are very sensitive to the fact that the candidates and the public are anxious to know the results,” Simonton said after Thursday’s update. “However, an accurate count must be our first priority.”

The ballot counters sequestered themselves in the basement of the Eagle County building and have worked through about two-thirds of the 186 provisional ballots so far, Friel said.

Provisional ballots are used when voters do things like send in mail ballots, then show up in person at the polls to vote anyway. Or voters who forget to bring identification with them to the polls are allowed to vote, but it’s a provisional ballot and doesn’t count until Simonton and her staff are convinced those voters are who they say they are.

Besides provisional ballots, they also have about 50 other ballots that people could still come in and cure. These include ballots with signatures that don’t match voter rolls, or mail ballots returned without signatures.

Each of those voters must be contacted individually, a process already underway, Simonton said.

And military ballots could still filter in, if there are any. Also, a few might have gone to some other clerk and recorder’s office.

It’s not likely, but it’s possible, Friel said.

They may seem extreme measures, Friel said, but Eagle County has rarely seen an election this close.

“Every vote counts, no matter what the election is,” she said.

The canvas board meets again Monday and they’ll get through the rest of the ballots, and we’ll have our winners, Friel said.


If the margin in either race is closer that one-half of 1 percent, it automatically goes to a recount.

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