Huck: ‘Learn and have fun doing so’ |

Huck: ‘Learn and have fun doing so’

Cindy Ramunno
EDU Todd Huck KH 12-7-06

Vail CO, ColoradoEDWARDS – Anyone who has a child in middle school will tell you that those years aren’t the easiest on parents.

Teachers and coaches who connect with kids at that age are hard to come by. So when there is actually a middle school teacher who has continued to be a favorite among those students, he stands out. Berry Creek Middle School’s Todd Huck’s outspoken personality is one of his most admired traits. We asked some personal questions of one of your favorite educators.1. What was it like where you grew up? It’s a small township in western Pennsylvania near Lake Erie. It’s a small rural area with a close-knit community.2. How is it different here than where you grew up? Not very much. Small community willing to help each other out.

3. As you were growing up, what were your parents like? Divorced but got along well.4. What type of kid you were in elementary school? Hyper with Attention Deficit Disorder and a good sense of humor. Very outgoing and liked playing outside and sports.5. What type of kid were you in high school? I played football, dated a girl on the dance squad. Got into a little bit of trouble but nothing to serious.6. Growing up, any structure? No I grew up quickly. I was a latch-key kid. I would come home and mom was still working so I would cook my own dinner and take care of sister and myself.7. Growing up, any humor? No not really … but I sure was sarcastic and funny. It was my way of dealing with my family life.8. Growing up, any sad/hard times or situations? I lost my mom to cancer when I was just 22. That was hard and still is now that I have my own kids. I wish they could know her because she always believed in me and built up my confidence.9. Did you grow up with a lot of the same kids? Yes. I moved to Vail 15 years ago with one of my best friends, Chris Melzer, and a couple of years later my two other best friends, David Sharpe and Kevin Walsh, moved out to the Vail Valley. We are all still here. It is like having family out here.10. Where did you go to college? Penn State. Go Nittany Lions!11. When did you know what you wanted to pursue as a career? While being a disc jockey at the local skating rink. I was the DJ for the Saturday morning kiddie’s fun time skate. It was fun to entertain the kids. So I knew I wanted to do something with kids.

12. What made you come here? Change. 13. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Happy14. What are some of your pet peeves in the classroom? Students who don’t care. 15. What has been the scariest moment of your life? In 2003 I had an embolism in my big toe: If it would have went up rather than down I may not be here today.16. What has been your most embarrassing moment teaching? I don’t embarrass easily.17. What are some of the best things about Berry Creek Middle School? Amy Libertini, my teammate, and our diverse population.18. Advice for middle school students? Enjoy school. Learn and have fun doing so.19. Any other comments? It has been an honor and a privilege to be at the same school for so many years. I have been able to teach entire families and get to know them. This community is great and supportive and I am so proud to be a part of it.

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