Huge Eagle project returns to Town Hall |

Huge Eagle project returns to Town Hall

Kathy Heicher
Eagle Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Clorado ” If the Eagle River Station development were a movie, its title these days might be “Return of the Regional Retail Ruckus” or “Big Box Battle II.”

The development ” welcomed by some citizens as an opportunity for much-needed regional retail and decried by others as a blow to small town character ” will start through the town’s review process again on Wednesday.

That meeting will kick off a series of weekly, joint meetings by the Eagle Planning and Zoning Board and Eagle Town Board. The boards will listen to reviews by its staff and citizen comment. The boards will split apart again for deliberations and decisions.

The combined hearings put the project review on a faster-track which could mean the project will come to a vote before a new Town Board takes office in early April.

“We would like to see the current board make the decision because of how much time they have spent with this project,” said Kristin Kinney Williams, public relations consultant for the project.

Eagle Mayor Jon Stavney said he considers the possibility of a vote before the April 1 election “remote.” He noted that decision-makers will have to work their way through a notebook of application details that is about 7 inches thick.

“I’m pretty skeptical about being able to cover material in diligent way … this is a big deal,” said Stavney.

He said the first couple of meetings will likely be used for the developers’ presentation, and for questions from board members. He anticipates setting a separate meeting for public comment; although the public is welcome to attend all of the hearings.

Last May, the Eagle Town Board approved the concept plan for the proposed commercial development. However, in approving the first phase, board members also warned that they had concerns about issues the financial feasibility of the project and whether the project was too large for Eagle.

Tom Boni of Knight Planning Service, the planning consultants for the project, said during this second stage of the review, developers will provide details on architecture, landscaping, roads, open space, parking, and engineering details.

He said the initial meetings will include presentations by the developers about where they are headed with the project. This stage of review includes detailed impact assessments.

For the past two years, the developers have been meeting with the town staff to answer questions and explore development details, Boni said.

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