Huge wave of generosity |

Huge wave of generosity

Don Rogers

As the large and growing wave of pledges and contributions to help tsunami victims becomes a world contest for giving, there’s a small question that assuredly is blasphemy to raise: Will the donations outstrip the need? Have they already, as U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell suggested while his boss was arranging for ex-commanders in chief Bill Clinton and the first President George Bush to head up American fund-raising for this worthy cause?The horror of those waves wiping coastlines clean throughout the Indian Ocean have captured the world’s imagination and best instincts to help. But there are many causes out there with people in as much need. A secondary calamity would be if the high tide of giving for the tsunami-stricken areas reduces help for other catastrophes to a trickle.The biggest challenge now is getting the needed supplies and help to the areas where it is needed. Locally, there are at least three options for sending checks – that’s what’s needed the most – to the Red Cross. Weststar Bank has an account devoted to tsunami donations, which they will forward to the Red Cross. Call 476-4600 for the nearest branch to take your donation.The parent of the Vail Daily, Colorado Mountain News Media, also is collecting donations for the relief effort directly with checks sent to 2014 Grand Ave., Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, or with portions of payment for Swap for Charities advertising.And there’s the direct route, to the Red Cross itself. Note your check is for tsunami relief and send it to 506 Gunnison Ave., Grand Junction, CO 81501. Or give generally. The worldwide need is great. Vail, Colorado

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