Human Hints: Control anger by considering consequences |

Human Hints: Control anger by considering consequences

Quentin Danziger
Human Hints

VAIL, Colorado –In every conscious moment, we must remain fully aware that every action we take has a direct effect on others and on ourselves. When we keep this in mind, we will chose our actions far more consciously.

This will help you detach from emotion in the midst of your daily trials. Instead of flying off the handle and reacting irrationally from raw emotion, remembering that every action holds a consequence might help us to calm down and think things through. Then we can weigh the benefits and consequences and take logical action.

When considering action, ask yourself who (including yourself) will be affected and how. What is your intention behind the action? What result do you want to achieve? This will help you step out of irrational, reactionary emotion, and allow you to take action based on how it might affect others and yourself.

Thinking about the possible consequences of our actions is the root of personal and societal morality. If we don’t like it, there’s a good chance that others wont like it either. The more we each choose to not hurt others in each moment, the fewer rules and restrictions we will need as a society, both communal and worldwide.

Most laws are in place because we don’t think of the possible consequences of our actions. Many people, especially younger drivers, don’t realize the delicate balance between driving carelessly and accidentally inflicting a life-changing traumatic incident on an innocent stranger. The point is that speed limits are in place to prevent tragedy when people don’t think about the consequences of speeding.

Think of what amazing parents we would all be if we thought more about the consequences our actions will have on our children. When parents respect their kids and consider how their actions will affect the kids, they are practicing “conscious parenting.” Let your children be who they are, and don’t be disappointed when they aren’t who you expect them to be. Allow people of any age to create and follow their own path in life, but more on that another day.

As we become aware of our affect on the people and world around us, we will make decisions that help everyone and everything involved. Cooperation is the key to a thriving society and world. Competition is an outdated concept that hinders all efforts. This is ultimately a shift away from ego and toward the next dimension of love.

Quentin is a Vail resident. He has a bachelor of science degree in Engineering Physics from Colorado School of Mines. He can be reached at

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