Human Hints: You won’t find completion in separation |

Human Hints: You won’t find completion in separation

Quentin Danziger
Human Hints
Vail, CO Colorado

When we want three dimensional things to fulfill us, we seek validation from an illusion. We search outside of ourselves for something that is separate from us in an attempt to find completion. In this way, acquiring or wanting something drives us away from ourselves and takes us further from our goal of self-completion.

We also reach outside of ourselves when we think a certain situation will make us happy. The idea is to be happy and complete before the situation occurs. Become complete inside and your external world will reflect your inner fulfillment.

This is not to say that you can’t have three dimensional belongings. It can be a lot of fun to be an enlightened millionaire. What makes the difference is your attitude toward your stuff, your reason for having it. Do your possessions define you or do you define them?

If everything you own went up in flames today, would you feel loss or an opportunity to grow and redefine yourself? You let go of the past by focusing on your future.

Our three dimensional possessions consume our energy. Everything we own takes up a piece of our life force. The percentage of our energy held by any given three dimensional thing depends on how emotionally attached to it we are. The more attached we are to our stuff, the more we are using it to define us.

It is alright to have things, just doni’ become emotionally attached to physical things. When we seek validation and definition in the three dimensional world, we enforce the illusion of separation.

When you look for completion outside of yourself, you become more separate, less complete. When you seek external validation, whether it’s a person, a situation or a thing, you give away your personal power. When you connect your emotions to something you cannot control, you become vulnerable and relinquish your sovereignty. You are giving your power to the idea of an illusion.

When you find completion inside yourself, you empower your personal foundation. When you know yourself, you will remain calm and centered if the winds of change should blow through your three dimensional illusion.

Quentin Danziger is a Vail resident. He has a bachelor of science degree in engineering physics from Colorado School of Mines. He can be reached at To receive this column in your daily email, go to

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