Hunger was theme of student banquets |

Hunger was theme of student banquets

Connie Steiert
Eagle Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado
Preston Utley/Vail DailyAt a banquet organized by students meant to illustrate world hunger, only a small portion of those attending were served a full meal. Sixty percent will got rice only.

GYPSUM ” A group of Eagle Valley High School students have devoted a lot of time over the past three months trying to make their peers more aware of global hunger.

Last week, was the school’s second annual Hunger Awareness Week.

“We’re doing it because it’s such a critical cause,” Hilary Henry said. “More people suffer each year from hunger than from AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined ” and we know how to cure it.”

The entire week was devoted to raising awareness that there are people in this world of abundance who are starving to death. In fact, notes Henry, every four seconds someone in this world will die of starvation.

Members of the Hunger Awareness Initiative have given presentations at five downvalley schools. They explained how the United Nation’s World Food Program can feed one child for a day with just 19 cents, and asked the children to donate a quarter and feed a child.

“It was sort of a Thanksgiving message,” says Henry. “Some of the kids, right then, reached into their pocket and found a quarter. That’s very cool.”

At the high school, the group spent the week collecting donations. On Thursday, the Future Business Leaders of America joined forces with the Hunger Awareness Initiative to host a turkey bowling fundraiser

Friday was a day of feasting ” but in a totally new light. The group put on two hunger awareness banquets. The first was for high school students and staff.

Each student’s and teacher’s hand was marked as they entered the lunchroom to divide the participants into three groups. The first group (15 percent) dined on pop, pizza and cookies. The second group (35 percent) received rice, beans and water. The third group (60 percent of participants) received only rice and water.

These groups represented what people around the world get to eat. There were students who changed their marks so that they could receive the “high income” lunch.

Friday night, the group held a similar banquet for the community. It was also a chance to raise further donations toward eliminating hunger worldwide. Donations will be split between two organization dedicated to fighting global hunger ” Oxfam, and the United Nations World Food Program.

Eagle Valley High students alone donated $453.

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