Hunters upset Vail neighborhood |

Hunters upset Vail neighborhood

Annemarie Lampe
Vail, CO, Colorado

To the hunters who took down an elk close to Garmisch Drive, Vail, on Jan. 14: With all of Colorado at your feet, was it really necessary to go hunting near a residential neighborhood, close to homes, a children’s play area and sledding hill, and even closer to a well-traveled hiking trail?

The hunters on the slope were visible, and the sound of the rifle shots caused neighbors to call police and the Forest Service. An elk cow was shot and field-dressed very close to the North Trail hiking area. The innards and the fetus were left on the bank of the creek.

Transporting the animal carcass on a sled left a bloody track in the snow all along the popular hiking and dog-walking trail, ending with more blood only 15 feet from the door of a residence where the animal was then loaded onto a pickup truck.

This area is where neighborhood children play and hikers and other people pass for exercise, nature walks, observe animals and walk their pets.

The local residents and especially the children are appalled at the sight of this kill. Various frightened hikers and walkers asked what happened, thinking that the bloody tracks were caused by an animal attack or a dog killed and dragged into the woods.

The sight was really horrendous!

A hunter from the neighborhood informed us that he had observed the herd of elk (16 in total) for some time and, watching their struggle through the deep snow, close to a residential area, decided to hunt elsewhere as it seemed unethical to go shoot right there. This is the ethic we hope to find in a person who, although a hunter, still shows respect for animals and mankind alike.

Even though the hunt was legal, we consider the way it was executed utterly despicable and disgusting.

Annemarie Lampe


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