Hurt, homeless dogs get help |

Hurt, homeless dogs get help

Kristin Anderson/Vail DailyDr. Denny Simonton gives an immunization shot to Bailey, whose leg was broken when she was hit by a car, at Castle Peak Veterinary Service in Eagle.

EAGLE ” Deane, a Lab mix puppy, has a green cast on one leg and an 8-inch scar with 10 staples on her side. Screws and plates support her broken bones. She walks on three legs ” with a sling ” and has a lot of physical therapy in front of her.

The pup was hit by a car last week, and her owners then gave her up. She’s expected to recover in the next few months, but she needs a home.

“She is unbelievable,” said Char Quinn, the director of the Eagle Valley Humane Society. “Just so sweet.”

It’s not uncommon for the Eagle Valley Humane Society to inherit a hurt or sick pet that needs medical care. But it is out of the ordinary for the society to get three such pets as once.

Over the least week, the society has taken in two dogs that have been hit by cars. Plus, they got a dog that has heartworm. The dogs’ collective medical bills amount to thousands of dollars.

“I’ve kind of tapped my resources,” said Char Quinn, the director of the humane society.

Deane, who is 7 months old, was hit by a car last week on the Front Range and suffered a broken femur and a broken leg. Its owners, who live in Eagle County, decided they couldn’t afford her medical care and gave it up to the pound, Quinn said.

On Tuesday, the dog had surgery in Basalt.

Dr. Denny Simonton, who is helping with Deane’s care, said she has a great chance for full recovery.But her medical bills total $4,300. Local residents have already given about $1,500 toward the dog’s care, Quinn said.

“They leave their door open for me to call and say, ‘I’ve got one of the big ones,'” Quinn said.

Simonton, a vet at Castle Peak Veterinary in Eagle, said Eagle County is marked by its generosity.

“We’re fortunate in that way,” he said. “We have a really great community.”

But more help is needed. Even with donations from local residents, the Basalt-based Simba Fund, local veterinary clinics and the Eagle Valley Humane Society, about $1,000 is needed for Deane’s treatment.

Bailey, a 3-month-old border collie mix, was hit by a car on Interstate 70 a few days ago. A passer-by brought her to Castle Peak Veterinary. Her owners were later contacted and gave her up for adoption.

She had surgery this week to repair her broken leg. The passer-by who rescued her has volunteered to adopt her.

Still, about $1,500 to $2,000 will be needed for her medical care, Quinn said.

A third dog, Billy Bob, a 6-year-old basset hound, came to the Humane Society with heartworm, a serious condition that requires prolonged treatment. A donor has offered $500 for his care, but Billy Bob still needs a home, and perhaps more money for treatment.

A lot of places would have euthanized these dogs, but the humane society will go to great lengths on behalf of dogs entrusted to it, Quinn said

“We try to do everything we can to save them and fix them as best as possible,” he said.

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