Husband-wife artists visit Cogswell in Vail |

Husband-wife artists visit Cogswell in Vail

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Vail, CO Colorado
"Rhythm of Nature," by Ed Sandoval.

VAIL, Colorado – Cogswell Gallery hosts husband-and-wife artists Ed Sandoval and Anne Huston Saturday from 3 to 7 p.m. from Taos, N.M.

“If one wanted to describe the artwork of Ed Sandoval and Ann Huston, in elemental terms, fire and water come to mind,” said Simone Fodde-Crotzer, the artistic director for Cogswell. “Ed’s palette is vibrant and rambunctious, saturated with reds, oranges and verdant greens. Anne’s palette is saturated by serene blue tones, silently guiding the viewer into a quiet, pastoral world almost unknown to the urban dweller.”

Huston envisions her art as a door to a meditative room that’s silent, composed and centered: a place to find inner stillness in a fast moving world. One of Huston’s collectors is a judge who has filled her chamber with Huston’s meditative artwork. The judge finds serenity and strength in surrounding herself with calming artwork.

“My inspiration comes from the seasonality of nature and the pure light of the New Mexico landscapes, and from emotional response to dreams,” Huston said.

While Huston’s work is dreamlike and lunar, Sandoval’s is solar, luminous and passionate. His palette, like his horse Patron, is well known and distinctive around Taos, N.M., where the couple reside.

Both artists are nostalgic for a lifestyle that is no longer available to urban dwellers. They portray nature’s lovely vineyards and vast fields; campesinos returning home or going to church with serene mountains in the background. The landscape is the sweeping vistas and striking mountains of the southwest for both of them.

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